Laughlin Politics

September 26th, 2016 – New Republican Club in Laughlin

On September 12th, 2016, the new Laughlin Republican Civic Club had it’s first organizational meeting. For more information or if you want to join or be kept informed visit to learn more. 

The Beginning of the Story – Constable Ross’s First yers as an Elected Official

In November of 2010 Jordan Ross won election as Constable of Laughlin Township. Running on an explicit platform to represent the people of Laughlin on all public policy issues as their local advocate, he earned a clear mandate by a 12% margin. He has been active in local Laughlin politics for many years, including leading a large delegation of angry citizens to the Clark County Board of Commissioners to protest that body stripping the citizens of Laughlin of the right to vote and instead appointing unelected members to a controlling majority of the Laughlin Town Advisory Board. 2016 will now see the first directly elected Town Board.

Civil Enforcement

Constable Ross has ensured that his deputies and clerks provide quick, efficient, courteous and sympathetic civil enforcement service to the residents and businesses of Laughlin. Ignored in the past his office is now enforcing the provisions of the Fair Share Law which requires all permanent residents to obtain Nevada license plates.

Public Advocate

As a public advocate he has extended the role of his office to include general constituent services. He has made inquiries on behalf of residents on a wide variety of concerns ranging from social security, veteran’s benefits, zoning and permits, the potential loss of Advanced Placement classes at Laughlin High School, residential leasing disputes, public works and even barking dogs.

He created the Laughlin Constable Citizens Hotline to provide an anonymous 24 hour telephone number for residents to call and voice their complaints and concerns about public services or to ask the Constable for help. In concert with that he has instituted Constable Town Hall meetings on a quarterly basis to meet with residents face to face to hear their concerns. Each Town Hall meeting features a prime topic, such as Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, but all issues are up for discussion.

Economic Development

He is a constant promoter of Laughlin, the Spur of the Silver State and the Jewel of the Colorado River, both as a great place to live as well as it’s economy. He has been a frequent editor of the township’s Wikipedia entry on the internet as well as supporting the township’s primary economic engine, the resort district. He is currently working to bring new job oriented development projects to the township.