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September 26th, 2016 – Nevada Ballot Question One – The Attack on Personal Gun Rights

I urge all Nevadans to vote NO on Ballot Question One – The Attack on Personal Gun Rights. For the full story visit and learn all you need to educate your friends and neighbors.

Nevada’s Presidential Caucus status as First In The West

The calls for Nevada to lose its status as the First In The West carve out state are based on other states using old 2012 arguments, states that want First In The West for themselves. That caucus was badly managed by weak leadership and results took days to finish. Current Nevada GOP Chair Michael J. McDonald was elected four years ago on a promise to never repeat that disaster. Despite having triple the turnout of 2012, he delivered the 2016 Nevada caucus as a flawless example for other states, with all statewide totals available within hours of the polls closing. And all after years of fighting between internal political factions in the state party. Nevada is a swing state and should remain First In The West to assure that the Republican Party has a smooth caucus at that early and critical juncture in the Presidential campaign cycle.

Update – After a brief but bitter battle in the 2016 Rupublican National Convention Rules Committee, Nevada Delegate, Rules Committee member and Laughlin Township Constable Jordan Ross defeated all attempts to take away Nevada’s place as First In The West.