The Storm Cloulds Before the Battle

The Battle for Voter Integrity Began Here

A tiny elite had mounted a Disenfranchisement Campaign to dismiss the decision of Republican Voters in their choice for President, Donald Trump. It was wrong and here’s why.

  • Whether you call it freeing the delegates or voting your conscience, this was a campaign to disenfranchise over fourteen million Republican voters.
  • Whatever petty or vindictive objections that might possibly have been raised to the concept of actually allowing Republican voters to choose their Presidential nominee, not one justified disenfranchising millions of American citizens.
  • Ted Cruz wanted to exploit the disenfranchise campaign. He announced he had quit the Presidential campaign. He was a liar. Otherwise the Cruz machine would not have worked overtime to capture control of the Washington State delegation after his supposed withdrawal. A state, by the way, where over 75% of the voters in the GOP primary had cast their votes for Donald Trump.
  • In the wake of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio was  also trying to exploit disenfranchisement. Numerous emails were being sent to Convention Rules Committee members insisting that only Mr. Rubio could win the White House and for this reason they claimed that disenfranchisement was acceptable.
  • People who wanted a convention of fully unbound delegates from the very first vote were not only asking to throw away the votes of the people, they were asking to turn back the clock of history to a time of party machines and back room deals deciding who Presidential candidates would be.
  • The supposed surge of protests in support of disenfranchising American voters was not grassroots – it was Astroturf. Every email and phone call from this scam was nearly identical; they were obviously using templates. Delegates to the convention nor the media were not conned by Colorado Delegate Kendall Unruh’s boiler room operation.
  • This was not a movement, it was a marketing campaign. The whole thing was fake, not real.
  • The disenfranchise campaign called for rules to pick a new nominee under certain circumstances that seemed so vague, they might as well say Donald Trump isn’t qualified because he couldn’t answer the question, “how many bubbles in a bar of soap”?
  • The attempt to disenfranchise American voters wa s direct support to the Clinton campaign. The Consultant Industrial Complex doesn’t give a thimbleful of rat spit whether the White House is Democrat or Republican, so long as the occupant plays ball with K Street lobbyists. That’s why this happened, because Donald Trump isn’t bought and paid for.