Residents who would like to volunteer with the Constable’s Posse should call our office at (702) 298-5791. We have volunteer opportunities for Reserve Civil Enforcement Officers and for Reserve Deputy Clerks. All Posse members must be able to pass an FBI background check. Posse members are not peace officers, and do not carry weapons or badges, but they provide important and useful support to the operations of the office here in Laughlin. The work is not physically strenuous but a background in clerical work is helpful. You must be at least 18 years old to join and be legally sworn into the Posse, but there is no upper age limit.

Civil Enforcement Officers

Reserve Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s) are civilian volunteers who serve routine legal process and orders to commercial business offices. This work is largely confined to the service of bank and wage garnishments. CEO’s do not go to residential addresses or to small businesses; primarily they go to large offices. CEO’s must have a current valid driver’s license, automobile insurance and their own transportation.

Deputy Clerks

Reserve Deputy Clerks work in our office assisting the Chief Clerk with routine office duties. Working the reception desk mid-day during the lunch hour and answering the telephone are primary responsibilities. Deputy Clerks may over time also learn to assist with filing and routine data entry into the CourtView system connecting the Constable’s Office with the court system.